PHOTOGRAPH BY  SAM REINDERS . ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  A young girl waits in one of several seemingly endless queues at a clinic in Sindhuli district in Nepal. This specific clinic, set up by an international NGO for the day, was one of many of its kind operational after April 25th’s devastating earthquake in the country.  After a long walk to the clinic the queuing starts; first to register and receive their patient form, then to see the doctor, then to get any medication prescribed. The outing can last a full day, and despite tarps being erected to shade the crowds, the excessive heat still took its toll. These were the lucky few.  Patients are meant to keep their form for future doctor's visits, which theoretically would help the doctors to see the patient's history and track progress. In reality, without duplicate copies of patients' forms on file, the system doesn't always work.  Especially since the earthquake, people in Nepal wait incredible amounts of time for healthcare, which often comes in the form of volunteer doctors. Villages routinely wait for medical care for days, because of how difficult it is to get there by road. 
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