PHOTOGRAPH BY  RADHIKA CHALASANI . ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  American seniors seeking more affordable healthcare in Mexico.  The high cost of medical care in the U.S. is a growing concern to millions of Americans, especially seniors. U.S. Customs estimates that 10 million Americans bring home medications from across the border each year either from Mexico or Canada.   During the peak winter season when seniors and retirees flock to Arizona by the thousands, many also make the short trek across the border to Mexico for cheaper pharmaceuticals and significantly less expensive medical care.   Los Algodones is a small Mexican town on the USA/Mexico border. It caters to the market-driven north-south migration of American seniors seeking relief from the high cost of medical services and rising prescription drug prices. Los Algodones was once a tiny single industry town, relying solely on its cotton yields. Today, it is a boomtown with more than 200 doctors, dentists and pharmacies all catering to their neighbors from the north.
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